Paola Carollo

Paola Carollo - GRITH

Ph.D. student, Anthropology, Université Laval

Thesis Temporary Title: The Chinese Mega-politics of the Belt and Road Initiative: An Analysis of the Chinese Language Learning Process among Students from Central Asia

Supervisor:  Isabelle Henrion-Dourcy

Key words: Chinese Teaching; Language and Culture; Belt and Road Initiative; Central Asia; ethnic minorities

In order to encourage the global expansion of Mandarin, as well as to increase the influence of its language and culture, starting since 2004, China drew inspiration from European countries’ experiences in promoting national languages by establishing Confucius Institutes headquarters on a global scale. As a matter of fact, the project seems to reach a large audience. Besides, the Chinese academic world constantly glorifies the rising of the so-called Chinese fever (hanyu rechao 汉语热潮) amid Chinese University desks. This has led the Ministry of Education to promote a training program for future Mandarin teachers known as TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages), which I directly experienced in its master's degree formula (2017-2019). The program’s syllabi provide a rigid training in Chinese language as well as culture and political strategies for its dissemination. In the light of this – and while taking into account social, economic, political and soft power issues playing key roles in learning –, it would be interesting to analyze and describe the implementation of this training among pupils from Central Asia’s countries. The research will be undertaken in order to better understand the values that the educational system instilled in students by the end of their experience – so as to shape China caring individuals –, and the influences of such activity on the student's perception.


Carollo Paola, 2019, “意大利汉语教学发展研究” (Sur l’évolution de la sinologie italienne), Mémoire de maitrise en Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Liaoning Normal University. Dalian (Chine).  Disponible sur la plateforme 中国知网 à partir de juin 2022.                                                                           

Carollo Paola, 2016, Dieci anni con lo zaino in spalla : la letteratura di viaggio e Xiao Peng (Analyse et traduction d’extraits de l’œuvre “Dix ans sur la route” de l’écrivant chinois Xiao Peng). Mémoire de baccalauréat en Communication Interculturelle, Università di Milano-Bicocca, Milano.