Tibetan language media appearances 

Isabelle Henrion-Dourcy

2018 (August 9) Interview in Tibetan language for the evening news broadcast (གསར་འགྱྱུར་རྒ་བཤདྱས་བཤད་བཤད།) of the Amdo dialect channel (Amdo TV), Qinghai Province.

2018 (August 3) Intervention in Tibetan language on the Khampa vlog "Akhu Bumo".

2017 (November 15) Video interview in Tibetan language for the Michung Khabde program མི་ཆ་ཆུང་ཁ་བདེ། (桑东有缘 Sangdong youyuan), answering questions from Sangye Dondhup. Presentation of the monograph on Tibetan theatre (2017) and review of twenty years of research on the performing arts in Tibet.