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Welcome to the website of the Interuniversity Research Group on Tibet and the Himalayas !

The Interuniversity Research Group on Tibet and the Himalayas (Groupe de recherche interuniversitaire sur le Tibet et l’Himalaya, GRITH), funded  by the FRQ-SC, brings together all of the academics in Québec province carrying out research about the greater Himalayan region. The aim of this group is to assemble their multidisciplinary knowledge and capacities, strengthen the synergy between all researchers, regardless of their level of advancement in career, and stimulate collaborations between all members - and beyond, with national and international partners.

At present, the group comprises six professors based in five Québec universities, their twenty-or-so graduate students and several associate members, who all fluently speak or or more Asian languages. All are deeply involved, both intellectually and personally, in their fieldwork locations in High Asia and among the diasporic communities of their elective region in Canada and Europe.

The team’s strengths rely on the multidisciplinary convergence of the experience and competence of the members across diverse regions of the Himalayas. Bringing in dialogue religious studies, anthropology, philology and history, the members wish to rethink the concept of power in this region along two main focuses : the instrumentalization of history and the analysis of ritual as power technology. The aim is to better document the political, religious and cultural upheavals of these diverse communities, combining historical depth with geographic breadth. Hopefully, this will allow for a more dynamic contribution of Québec-based Tibetologists and Himalayanists to global academic and public debates about the predicament of High Asia.